DFAT Adapter Rings


An Adapter Ring is required to fit the DFAT Lens to your specific scope.

Very Important

If you are not sure of what Adapter Ring your scope requires, please contact us for assistance.

DO NOT make the assumption that because your scope has a 56mm objective lens that a 56mm Adapter Ring will fit

Eg Vortex Venom, Strike Eagle and Razor HDII all have 56mm objective lenses but they all use a different size Adapter Ring

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Adapter Ring Options

Venom 5-25×56, Strike Eagle 5-25×56, Razor HD II 4.5-27×56, PST GenII 5-25, Riton X7, ZCO 4-20×50, ZCO 5-27&8-40, Nightforce ATACAR, Nightforce NSX, Nightforce NX8, Kahles 5-25&6-24, Leupold Mk5 HD


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