KalixTeknik CR1 Cheek Riser


CR1 is a versatile cheek rest specifically made for weapons with stocks of composite materials.

Suitable for over 90 models we cover the basics models on the market.

With simple operation, the height is adjusted according to user needs and circumstances with focus on high quality and improved ergonomics of the weapon.


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Almost every rifle being produced today have stocks that are suitable for open sights, the mechanical fixed reticles which usually is factory mounted.

Our cheek rest CR1 provides a solution to quickly achieve accurate and ergonomically correct planting of the cheek, regardless if shooting with factory mounted rectiles and/or retrofitted scopes.

With or without the mounted reticle, we set a new standard  with the adjustable cheek rest CR series.

Rifle Stock

Browning (X-Bolt, A-Bolt), Hogue, Mauser, Blaser R8 Pro, Remington (700, VTR, SPS), Sako (75), Sako (Quad, A7, 85), Sauer, Savage, Tikka (T1, T3, T3x)


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