LN-ERS30M (2nd Generation)


Elite mini night vision riflescope

Slim housing with magnum-sized performance

Waterproof and shockproof body

3x image magnification and 54mm high-quality objective lens

High-quality optics contribute to minimal light loss

Automatic gain control

Range-finding Mil-Dot reticle with 3-color variable illumination



Luna Optics introducing our new compact-sized LN-ERS30M featuring our trademark combination of excellent optical performance with ability to withstand recoil from hard-hitting calibers. Slim housing barrel (under 2″ wide in most places) has conveniently arranged and simple to use controls. If you always wanted to get the best of both worlds: compact slim dimensions combined with unbeatable full-size scope image quality and easy target acquisition, our LN-ERS30M has you covered for a great variety of nighttime encounters. High Resolution Generation-2+ intensifier tube provides clear and sharp images and 54mm objective lens allow for a perfect shot hundreds of yards away! Scope employs our most popular Mil-Dot style reticle with variable illumination (and now with 3 illuminating colors: RED/ORANGE/GREEN) featuring range-finding scale allowing easy target distance calculation. Easy-to-install optional Extended Range IR illuminators (models LN-EIR-2 / 3 or LN-ELIR-2 / 3) provide bright light beams in total darkness!



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