LN-PRS25M (1st Generation)


  • All-aluminum lightweight body, 100% waterproof and shockproof

  • High-resolution generation 1 intensifier tube

  • Top quality 2.5X magnification all-glass optics

  • Adjustable reticle illumination for comfortable targeting

  • 984 ft. maximum viewing distance aiming shot maximum distance is 574 ft.

  • Built-in IR illuminator


A clear 2.5X view even in total darkness! The night vision experts at Luna OpticsĀ® have the technology to make it easy. Patrol your property, control your nocturnal varmint population and more. Featuring a large, top-grade hi-res gen-1 intensifier tube for maximum light-gathering, plus a built-in IR illuminator in case there is absolutely no light. For long-range targeting in complete darkness, add the optional Extended Range IR Illuminator for targeting up to 652 ft.!


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