Veldt P51 CLP 120ml


P51 is a penetrating oil developed for a multitude of uses. This oil packs a punch, as the pressurized content provide the best results during use. Not only does this oil help protect, but it also offers¬† the additional benefit of exceptional cleaning. Tested by some of the best marksmen in South Africa, this oil was put through its paces with a large number of tests resulting in the development of a superior product to service our hunting legacy. Avoid using this oil on o-rings and rubber items as it might cause damage to rubber parts.”BRING FORTH THE MARKSMAN in you”

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Repels water while cleaning the contact surface. This product lubricates and protects and can be used as a CLP.


Secure and unload the firearm. P51 is designed as a CLP and will clean, lubricate and protect your firearm and equipment.

P51 is knife and firearm friendly and can be used on a large array of latches, swivels and surfaces experiencing friction and sliding.

Always ensure that the can is facing away from your face and coat the targeted metal surface.

Make use of the can’s elongated spout to focus P51 at the target area. P51 will penetrate and clean the area immediately.

Wipe sprayed surfaces with a clean cloth if excess oil is visible on the surface.

Use this on everything that needs it; if it is stubborn or jammed it needs P51.


EXTREME ABILITY: Cleaning additive will work its magic on dirt, while the extra pressure of the can will draw it out.

Synthetic Based oil for use as a Cleaner, Lubricator and Protector (CLP).


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