Veldt SILENCED Silencer Cleaner 500ml


SILENCED is a chemical compound developed to deep-clean rifle and sidearm suppressors and muzzle brakes. SILENCED is specially engineered to lift carbon and other residues from metal surfaces and keep it in suspension while the special chemical surfactant blend goes to work on the rinsing and neutralising of residual fouling. Our technology enables the cleaner to penetrate small spaces and crevices to remove fouling and loosen stubborn deposits that hamper equipment functionality. SILENCED is safe for use on various metal and coated surfaces but anodized surfaces should be avoided. SILENCED was developed to silence your problem without cleaning out your pocket.”BRING FORTH THE MARKSMAN in you”

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Designed to aid in the removal of  SOOT  CARBON   RESIDUE


Silencers and muzzle brakes (Non-anodized)


Secure and unload the firearm.

Remove the suppressor or muzzle brake.


Make use of an appropriate rubber plug to plug the suppressor tip and fill it with SILENCED.

Disassembled  suppressors, muzzles and equipment can be submerged in the cleaner.

Expose your equipment to SILENCED for 2-4 hours.

For excessively fouled suppressors and muzzle brakes, you can leave the  cleaner in contact for an extended time (min 6 hours).

The cleaner can be heated to a max of 40C to elevate reaction time.

Stubborn dirt might require light, non-abrasive scrubbing for optimal  results.

Remove liquid from the suppressor and reclaim the cleaner for another future cycle.

SILENCED is engineered to clean three silencers making use of the same liquid. (The amount of cleaning  cycles for the liquid depends on the cleaning frequency and the extent of the fouling on your equipment.

If the liquid is spent replace it with a fresh batch.)


Fill the silencer  halfway with clean water and shake.

Rinse repeatedly until no residue is visible in the drained water.

Disassembled parts can be wiped clean using a cloth or paper towel to remove all carbon deposits  that are present on the equipment.

Ensure that equipment is completely and properly dried before use.


Polymer, plastic and anodized parts should only be subjected to ultrasonic cleaning, using this solvent, for 3-5 minute at a time. Check coatings to ensure safety throughout use. Ultrasonic tanks must  be thoroughly cleaned before use if tank was used for case cleaning prior to use on parts. This will avoid brass particle coating from adhering to equipment surfaces.


UNIQUE FEATURE: Engineered to suspend solids found in silencers. Technology allows for liquid to be used up to 3 times. SILENCED has a penetrating caracteristic that helps loosen tight threads.

Do not fire a round with the product inside the silencer. Make sure that the silencer is dry before use.

Not suitable for anodised surfaces when exposed for indefinite time periods.

Cerakote safe.

Not for human or animal consumption.

Always test the product on barrels and coatings before application.

Keep out of reach of children.

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight

Acetone Free

Ammonia Free



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