Veldt UTILITY BLEND Parts Cleaner 500ml


UTILITY BLEND is a 2-in-1 surfactant concentrate focused on the cleaning of gun parts and equipment. This cleaner was technologically developed and formulated to effectively act on oil, dirt, grease, carbon build-up and powder residue. UTILITY BLEND is Ammonia-free and biodegradable. UTILITY BLEND is safe to use in ultrasonic and rotary tumbling cleaners”BRING FORTH THE MARKSMAN in you”

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Designed to aid in the removal of  DIRT  GREASE   POWDER  CARBON from Gun Parts.


Ultrasonic Cleaners and Rotary Tumblers


IMPORTANT: When using painted or coated equipment in ultrasonic cleaners, the part needs to be suspended inside the solution. NEVER put coated parts on the ultrasonic cleaner floor. Clean ultrasonic and tumblers thoroughly after cleaning casings. Cleaning part after cleaning casings might lead to plating.

40:1 for normal to moderate cleaning required. (25ml/L H2O)

20:1 for heavy to extreme cleaning required. (50ml/L H2O)

Using distilled water will increase the chemical’s cleaning ability. The solution can be heated to between 50-60C in an ultrasonic cleaner. Parts and equipment can be treated for 15-20 minutes.

Do  not keep equipment soaked in the solution for prolonged periods as this might discolor or tarnish finish.

Rinse equipment properly using tap water. Repeat the soaking process if cases are not clean.

RIFLE ARMOR or dry film oil can be used on parts after drying.


UNIQUE FEATURE: Can be used diluted or un-diluted. Water based cleaner that will leave the targeted equipment squeeky clean.

Not for human or animal consumption.

Keep out of reach of children.

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight

Acetone Free

Ammonia Free



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