Veldt RILFEARMOR 120ml


RIFLEARMOR is a protecting oil developed to produce a thin waxy layer on equipment to protect surfaces and repel water while avoiding dust and debris from settling. The product is exceptionally  well suited for long term storage of equipment and designed specifically for storage between hunts or whilst travelling. Parts such as triggers are safeguarded from the elements when treated with this  product. Tested by some of the best marksmen in South Africa, this oil has a clean, dry film application that dries quickly and leaves no messy or greasy trace on equipment.  Wax on…, wax off…., easy and effective.”BRING FORTH THE MARKSMAN in you”

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Protects parts for long term applications. It consist of a anti-rust and anti-dust micro layer and will to a lesser extend provide limited reduction in friction


Secure and unload the firearm

This product should not be applied in air rifle barrels.

Remove oil, grease and surface contamination from target area.

Developed for use on triggers and various other applications, RIFLEARMOR will prevent rust and dust by leaving a dry non-stick layer.

Always ensure that the can is facing away from your face when you coat the targeted metal surface. RIFLEARMOR will leave a micro-protective layer on the metal surface after drying.

Apply RIFLEARMOR to the bore with a mop. A rag wetted with the product can also be used to wipe metal surfaces.

For long term storage or additional protection in extreme environments, wait approximately 5-10 minutes to apply a second coat.

Run a clean patch through the bore before using the firearm to remove any residue and safeguard against obstructions.


EXTREME ABILITY: RIFLEARMOR leaves a protective microfilm on your equipment. Non-sticky to the touch if applied correctly.

Best used to safeguard triggers from dust and debris. The thin protective layer will dry in a few minutes. Each application done after drying will increase the protection.



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